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Second Noah Animal Welfare Organization

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Our History

Second Noah; New Promises To Keep

In January this year a young female Siberian Husky and her 5 newborn pups were sent to Osceola County dog pound, just one day after the pups were born. They were destined to spend the next 7 weeks in conditions not the best for raising babies. Second Noah placed a reserve on the mother insuring that she would then not be sent for research. At that time the pups were all spoken for.

At 7 weeks of age it was obvious that the pups were in very poor condition and some were failing fast. Two were adopted, but 1 died shortly after. Second Noah insisted on taking the 3 remaining pups home. They were checked by a vet and found to be suffering from starvation, dehydration, and anemia. At 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 pounds, they were not expected to survive. A visit to the county commission meeting and follow up phone calls to one commissioner guaranteed they would not be returning to the pound. Two of the pups along with their mom, were then transferred to a experienced husky owner for care. With this experience and loving care these 2 girls thrived, and with the mother were placed in excellent new homes. Kaila, the littlest of all remained with Second Noah. She was then placed in the care of vets in the Cadillac area. She received fluid hydration therapies, a blood transfusion and special diet. Soon Kaila also began to thrive and is now a beautiful healthy young lady. She has a permanent home with Second Noah's founder and president.

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Second Noah Animal WElfare Organization
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